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Videos About the Shelter

December 5, 2022 – We’re All In This Together: A Story of the Interfaith Community Shelter at Pete’s Place

September 3, 2020 – Chefscapades at Home: The Impact of the Pandemic on the Shelter, a video for the Shelter’s virtual fundraiser

September 11, 2019 – History, Mission and Services of the Interfaith Community Shelter, a video by Melissa Edmon, award-winning documentary filmmaker

2019 – Young Women Create a Business to Raise Money for ICS

2018 – Santa Fe Desert Chorale’s Hearts in Harmony, a street choir

2017 – Joseph Jordan-Berenis, executive director, proposing ICS begin a women’s shelter in the summer months

Homelessness Issues

An Expert’s Perspective on the Homeless Crisis and Community Response

Vulnerable Adults

A KSFR Radio Series on Homelessness in Santa Fe by Ellen Berkovich

Vulnerable Adults Part 1: A Documentary Series on Homelessness in Santa Fe

Vulnerable Adults Part 2: Housing Santa Fe's Homeless

Vulnerable Adults Part 3: Traditional Healing for Veterans

Interfaith Community Shelter IN THE NEWS


May 2, 2021 – Santa Fe nonprofits making sure homeless can get vaccinated

May 1, 2021 – Let’s help Joe carry on good work at our shelter

April 17, 2021 – Volunteering will improve your life

February 27, 2021 – Shelter wishes Joe Jordan-Berenis a fond farewell

February 23, 2021 – Pete’s Place executive director retiring from ‘a labor of love’

February 12, 2021 – Santa Fe Braces for Bitter Cold

January 30, 2021 – Santa Fe has not had any homeless deaths due to Covid

December 27, 2020 – Continue the giving spirit year-round

December 24, 2020 – Charitable donations surge to meet increased need

December 22, 2020 – Memorial remembers Santa Fe homeless people who died in 2020

December 12, 2020 – Congress needs to act on stimulus – now – Letter to the Editor

November 2, 2020 – Falling through the cracks: Pandemic worsens Santa Fe’s housing crisis

October 28, 2020 – City Council expands private security at homeless shelters and parks

October 14, 2020 – Santa Fe City Council Oks new four-year lease for Pete’s Place

October 14, 2020 – Pete’s Place will remain

October 12, 2020 – Santa Fe shelters brace for cold, spike in cases

October 10, 2020 – Help for the Homeless is all of our jobs My View by Donald Wilson

October 1, 2020 – Shelter lease renewal is a victim of smoke and mirrors Commentary by Joe Jordan-Berenis

October 1, 2020 – Santa Fe lets homeless shelter lease expire as it struggles with pandemic restrictions

September 30, 2020 – Interfaith Community Shelter lease up for renewal

September 30, 2020 – Pete’s Place placed on month-to-month lease

August 31, 2020 – Committee recommends more lights for street near Pete’s Place

August 1, 2020 – Dealing with trauma of homelessness – a daily challenge My View by Joe Jordan-Berenis

May 16, 2020 – Homeless shelter is adapting to pandemic – My View by Joe Jordan-Berenis

April 27, 2020 – Webber says midtown shelter to stay open through summer

March 30, 2020 – Ordinary people, extraordinary times

March 21, 2020 – Shelters step up efforts to protect homeless amid COVID-19

March 21-22, 2020 – ‘I’m still mind-blown’: Jobs at Santa Fe shelter help former guests get back on track

March 21-22, 2020 – From guest to co-worker: Guests at Santa Fe shelter sometimes hired as staff members

February 29, 2020 – Compassion is where the solution begins – My View by Joe Jordan-Berenis

January 25, 2020 – Housing vouchers are no magic bullet – My View by Joe Jordan-Berenis

January 15, 2020 – Seeing homeless huddled in cold, rain spurs upgrades at Pete’s Place

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important facts

  • Staff and volunteers serve guests with dignity, respect and compassion that has become the hallmark of the Interfaith Community Shelter.
  • Resource Days available for any person needing access to services necessary to stabilize his/her life.
  • ICS is the only “come as you are” or “minimal barrier” shelter in Northern New Mexico.

ICS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization