ICS Alumnus Feature – Nichole Sorenson

“My life fell apart.”

Nichole Sorenson came to Santa Fe almost a year ago. Life had not been easy for her. There were family struggles, personal trials. She needed to start over and that wasn’t something she could do alone.

Nichole had tried to work with shelters and agencies in other towns, but it was the help she received from the staff of Interfaith Community Shelter that made the difference. “If I didn’t have the support from Pete’s Place,” Nichole said, “I would still be homeless.”

Life Link, a partner provider with ICS, was also there for Nichole. They provided counseling for her and paid the deposit on a small apartment – a place she could call home. It was a new beginning.

During the summer, she worked part time at two different jobs and attended classes at Santa Fe Community College. Nichole took Art History I and Composition and Rhetoric. She’s proud and happy that she earned a “B” in Art History and a “C+” in the English class.

And, now Nichole is even prouder that she has a fulltime job as a receptionist at the Lexus of Santa Fe car dealership. “I really like my job,” she said. Interfaith Community Shelter is still there for Nichole. “I went to Pete’s Place before my job started and they helped me find clothes at the Community Closet to wear to work.”

What are the next steps for Nichole?

“I’d like to get some more furniture for my apartment because right now all I have is a futon,” she said. “I’d like to start saving so I can buy a car. And, I will definitely buy some treats for my two kittens, Zac and Efron!”

Lucky kitties! Lucky for Nichole, that there’s Interfaith Community Shelter.