ICS Volunteer Feature – Kathleen Watson Nadler

Part of making a home in Santa Fe for Kathleen Watson Nadler is finding the right place to volunteer.

“I want to get involved in my community,” Kathleen said. “My husband and I had lived part-time in Santa Fe, and we moved here last spring to live full-time. I asked neighbors and friends about places to volunteer. Interfaith Community Shelter kept coming up.”

Kathleen is not new to the work of non-profits and agencies which provide social services for those who are homeless, in need of food, or in crisis. She previously had worked for Interfaith Action of Evanston in Illinois and at the Domestic Abuse Project of Delaware County in Pennsylvania. These are ministries important to Kathleen. Volunteering at the Community Closet at Pete’s Place on Wednesday mornings is a perfect fit.

“I like talking with the guests, but understand that they may not want to talk,” Kathleen said. “If they want my help finding the right size or type of clothes, I’m happy to do that. I hope to make them feel safe when they are at the shelter, and to feel good about their appearance with the clothes they choose.”

Kathleen also sorts the donated clothes and toiletries at the Community Closet. “We are always in need of socks and underwear, especially with the opening of the winter seasonal shelter,” she said. (Check here for the list of items to donate.)

Volunteering and investing time in the mission of Interfaith Community Shelter helps make a home for Kathleen in Santa Fe.

The Community Closet is open on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm. It is available to anyone whether experiencing homelessness or not. If like Kathleen, you are interested in volunteering at the Interfaith Community Shelter, visit here for more information.