A Campaign to Raise $75,000 in Matching Funds


With almost 66,000 meals served this year at Pete’s, kinder folks might have called our kitchen “intimate,” but for our volunteers who spend countless hours here, running into each other at every turn, it’s just too darn small. We need more food preparation space, more food storage space, better hand-washing facilities to provide hot, nourishing meals to those experi-encing homelessness or at risk of homelessness.

While we’re at it, we also have plans for an outdoor awning to protect our guests from the elements, a new sign and other improvements (paint, replacing cracked windows, landscaping, general outdoor beautification) that we will tackle this summer. We have the plans, and we’re ready to implement them. Now, we need the money.

ICS has received a $75,000 commitment from the Eugene V and Clare E Thaw Charitable Trust, but we need twice that amount. Please help us Meet our Match to reach our final goal of $150,000. We are happy to give you a tour of the facility and show you the plans; we want you to be our partner in this venture.

If you are interested in learning more about this project, or if you would like to donate to our capital campaign, please call Joe Jordan-Berenis, Executive Director, or Beverly Kellam, Finance and Development Director, at 505.795.7494.


Interior Improvements

  • Kitchen Renovation — Increase the size of the kitchen to make room for more food prep-aration space, food storage (commercial refrigeration) and cooking equipment. Kitchen Renovation Funded by the Eugene V and Clare E Thaw Charitable Trust
  • Improvements to Guest Luggage Area — The kitchen renovation will necessitate moving the luggage room. The luggage area will be improved.
  • Addition of a Family Sleeping Area — When possible, it is preferable to bunk families with children together, separate from the general population. The renovation will enable us to turn one of our office spaces into a family sleeping area.
  • Other — Paint hallways and common area, replace cracked windows

Exterior Improvements

  • Awning — a structure with built in heating and seating underneath to protect guests from rain, snow and sun while they wait outside for the Shelter to open for the evening.
  • Signage — We hope to be able to spread the good word about the work we do for those experiencing homelessness with digital signage. Under Interfaith Community Shelter at Pete’s Place, we’ll add wording that says, “Over 65,000 Meals Served by 2,000 Volun-teers.”
  • Storage — an enclosed area on the side of the building to store guest belongings
  • Improvements to the kennel area for our guests’ pets
  • Landscaping — the addition of shade trees in the outdoor common area and along the fence on Cerrillos Road
  • Fence — paint the fence surrounding the Shelter a more neutral, welcoming color.