You’ve often heard our guests saying that Interfaith Community Shelter, or Pete’s Place, is like a family. That’s very evident on holidays like Thanksgiving Day. Pete’s Place is open all day for guests to gather, have a traditional Turkey Day dinner and even watch some football.

Alan Webber, mayor of Santa Fe, dropped by the shelter in the afternoon to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Shaking hands and extending holiday wishes are just part of the Mayor’s job, but the Interfaith Community Shelter and our guests are grateful he stopped by.

Also, a big thank you to everyone who stopped by Pete’s Place before Thanksgiving to donate a turkey. At last count (several days before the holiday), there were 21 turkeys in the freezer and several thawing in the refrigerator awaiting the oven. We didn’t serve all the turkeys on Thanksgiving, but our kitchen staff and the volunteer lunch crew will certainly use them for other delicious meals, casseroles and soups.